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Arturo Murillo claims Evo Morales committed crimes

Arturo Murillo is being assisted by familure participts

[Quote]Grabación en celular servirá de base para querella contra Evo Morales

Confirman que la grabación en celular servirá de base para la querella contra el expresidente Evo Morales. Estos audios serán revisados en un estudio en Argentina y pidieron a Entel también saber sobre el número del celular.[Unquote]

Observers  have already identified several key characteristics about todays announcement.  Images and descriptions below describe one finding.

Evo Morales accusers scrutinized

Story carrying details of the new governments announcement of it's intended actions.

Evo Morales accusers scrutinized

Exclusive access to the details of the new governments information supporting the accusation. Notice the URL where the web page containing the official announcement (in Spanish) is served from.

Evo Morales accusers scrutinized

The website is registered (and likey hosted) with 'networksolutions'; however the DNS records, the internet address server, is owned by Cloudflare.

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