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Venezuelian citizen clears up confusion for neighbors.

Venezuelian citizen clears up confusion for neighbors.

The citizenry of many countries are under physical attack and there are distict simularities between each instance of the social strife.

The Syrian uprising has seemingly ended with Hafez al-Assad retaining power over the Country with outside help from Russian forces against formally US backed resistance fighters. Americans were mostly shielded from the day to day reporting (which itself came at a very high price) of the situation where 406,000 civilians have lost their lives thus far.

In Venezuela, US Economic Sanctions that prohibit the transfer of personal bank account funds to family members or to charitable or other organizations have been in place since January 15, 2019. The results of these kinds of sanctions are predictable.

On January 25th 2019 Donalad Trump signed Executive Order 13857 and placed the entirety of all Venezuelan owned Petrolium assets under Sanction. Executive Order 13857 also amended previous executive orders and added the Venezuelan Central bank to the list of institutions under US Sanction.

As a result the Venezuelan economy has not the means to carry on;  having no access to funds (in Jan 2019 Oil contracts had been executed nearly exclusively using the US dollar). And Venezuelans have no access to markets where US Dollars  are the unit of trade. This is the case for every citizen post Executive order 13857. Even individual savings and checking accounts housed with institutions connected to the Venezuelan Central bank have limited access to funds, or even have access eliminated altogether.

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